Product and Development

Product development implementation can enhance innovation by introducing new technologies to maximize business processes. We focus on the efficiency of saving your company's resources.


Projects That Have Been Completed

We are one of the best in dealing with business problems and optimizing them

Project 1

OMBUDSMAN Republik Indonesia

Project 2

LKPP Aplikasi Portal PPSDM

Project 3

LKPP Aplikasi E-Katalog

Project 4


Project 5


Agile Development

Agile Method

Backlog Activity

Backlog is a list of client priority needs. The list can be increased as needed.

Sprints Activity

This activity is a unit of work needed to meet the needs specified in the backlog according to the time set in the time-box.

Scrum Meeting Activities

Daily meetings with a certain period of time to evaluate what is done, resolve obstacles, and target completion as a note for the next meeting.

Demo Activity

Submitting software increments to clients for demo and evaluation.

Our Technologies in Our Daily

Agile Logo

Our Optimized Partners

Optimization is endless journey. Technology provide a lot of business process improvement.

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