Managed Service

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) managed services are one of the product developments from Javan, aimed at providing value-added services for clients' businesses and offering solutions to clients' problems. With this SME, we can build an IT-based system foundation so that companies can work efficiently, anytime, anywhere, making them ready to scale up. The IT-based managed services we offer are:

  • Finance & Accounting (Balance sheet, Cash flow, Payroll, Tax)
  • CRM (Account, Sales Stage, Leads, Opportunities, Activities)
  • Human Resource (Attendance, Recruitment, Database, Leave)
  • Operational (Email, Video Conf, Website, E- Commerce)
  • Management (Data, Information, Dashboard)

Projects That Have Been Completed

We are one of the best in dealing with business problems and optimizing them

Project 1

OMBUDSMAN Republik Indonesia

Project 2

LKPP Aplikasi Portal PPSDM

Project 3

LKPP Aplikasi E-Katalog

Project 4


Project 5


Managed Service

Agile Method

Domain Management

Manage all aspect in domain management, include domain registration, domain renewal and domain configuration setting.

Hosting Management

Manage application server which running your core business system. Ensure your business can run efficiently and painful free.

Application Installation & Update Deployment

Ensure application is setup correctly, high performance and all patch update is deployed smoothly

Our Technologies in Our Daily

Agile Gsuite Orange Prestashop SuiteCRM Wordpress

Our Optimized Partners

Optimization is endless journey. Technology provide a lot of business process improvement.

Bawono SyarQ UII Syafcho Probolinggo